About me


I come from an  artistic background, chose to study several languages at school and university but have followed my passion for painting since I was young. I started by painting miniatures in Indian ink and watercolour.

My early Bermuda watercolours were ‘ethereal’ in style,  imaginary dreamscapes in the dusty pastel colours of dawn or dusk.  The style evolved to brighter watercolours in a  highly detailed, ‘whimsical’ style,  often depicting figures and the vibrant hues of Bermuda,  the flowers and the cottages, the beaches, and then to the blues, the seascapes in oils and  acrylics,  but always depicting the true, vivid colours that are Bermuda.  I love colour and mixing colours and I have been told that my paintings make people happy.

I love nature and animals. And I am a creative ‘all-rounder’, often inspired to write poetry and make melodies, although I do not share these, and have carved wood and sculpted with clay, and sometimes  design my own clothes. For me,  words and notes are like colours, they are the building blocks of creativity.