Dockside Bermuda



DIANA HIGGINBOTHAM  -  Artist and Photographer

Welcome to my website! I painted in Bermuda since 1984 so much of my work relates to Bermuda, but I also include work painted in several other locations.

Focus on Bermuda -  Examples of my work from early ‘ethereal’ watercolours through ‘whimsical’ to vibrant oils are available as prints in both miniature (single matted $8/framed $30) and double matted 8×10 at $15 each ($55 framed),  signed by me.  Once described as a ‘treasure trove with something for everyone’, it has also been said that ‘they are all so nice, it is hard to choose’. My photographs portray the real Bermuda, untweeked,  natural and incredibly beautiful. Some  available as 11×14 prints $20 unmatted. Others are single matted 8×10.  All signed by me. (If you come via, please let me know! Thank you)

Focus on the Celtic Gallery - These images are available as 8×10 double matted prints at $20 each and some can be ordered as canvas prints which are more costly depending on size required.

All images on this website are © Diana Higginbotham, Bermuda 2014.


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