‘An Artist’s Garden’ by Diana Higginbotham

(inspired at recent Royal Academy exhibit on Artists and Gardens - from photo of Monet at Giverny)

This is the largest picture I have ever painted, 42″x 54″, I found it remarkably easy, completing it in two days. Having always shied away from large canvases, I could be at the start of something big. Following a visit to the Artists and Gardens Exhibit at the Royal Academy in London, this was inspired by an old photograph of Monet at Giverny.

The other paintings and prints on this website are not as big as this, but are devoted to Bermuda where I live and around the British Isles which are very dear to me.

The largest selection of my Bermuda prints can be found at The Little Gallery at Spinnakers, 99 Front Street, Hamilton.

All images on this website copyright Diana Higginbotham, Bermuda 2015



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