Welcome to my art collection. I have painted in Bermuda since 1984 and this website has examples of my styles which have evolved over the years, from ethereal watercolours to whimsical styles, to depictions of Bermuda in its true vivid colours, and back to ethereal again recently. My pictures have proved very popular among visitors and residents alike.  I am continuing  a family tradition.

You might have seen me and my work at The Little Gallery on Front Street, Hamilton, fromn 1994 until 2013, when  I gave up the gallery to concentrate on my art.

My collection, called ‘Bermuda Magical’  has been described as  ‘a treasure trove with something for everyone’,  and  ‘all so nice it’s hard to choose’. I include some of my Bermuda photography and  Other Subjects,  an Eclectic Collection of  photographs and images inspired in Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and on travels around the World.

All images on this website were inspired and created by and are copyright of  Diana Higginbotham, Bermuda 2015.

Bermuda Magic & The Specialized Youth Arts Charity 679 supports the use  of its name for the ‘Bermuda Magic Collection.’


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